Regular Monday Run, June 24, 2019, Hare: Pita

Super Double Important:Oh Can of Beer Shirts, $25 All-In.  Who ever said they wanted a shift please pay Fast ASAP, he needs the cash to pay for shirts and he wants them ordered this week so we will have them for Canada Day Hash!!! You can E-transfer fast at  a good password to use is SexySuds


Hares: Pita

Trail Length:2-5km

Details:New Locations, Pita is setting from Henteleff Park, just off St. Mary’s road in the south end. I think you can park on Normand Ave. Going to be a hot day so the beer will taste extra gooooood. Rumor has it there may be some “ice” and some “sitting” going on for some over achievers. 

Bring: $7.00 

Location:Henteleff Park – 1964 St. Mary’s Rd

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