About the Winnipeg Hash House Harriers (WH3)

We are a local chapter (called a Kennel) of the Hash House Harriers (HashWiki).  There are more than 1 700 kennels spanning all 7 continents.  Kennels typically consist of 20 – 100 members, usually mixed sex.

The WH3 meets on Mondays at 7pm during the summer (after daylight savings time) and Sundays at 3pm in the winters.  You can find out where our next run is by clicking the hash foot.Hash foot with on on

If you would like to sign up to receive weekly run information or other hashbits, you can click here (will open in a new tab).

Check out our events page to see future events and activities.  Click on the Hash Calendar to see a calendar view of our runs.  We love to see new faces!!

Click on the bottom links to find out more about our “mismanagement” and check out the “haberdashery” (groovy clothes designed by our very own haberdasher).