Welcome to the Winnipeg Hash House Harriers Photo Pages

Before you access our photo site, please read the following guidelines.

We have set up our own photo page so WH3 members may view images of group events without having their images posted on social networking sites or other generic pages where they may not have acces, or are worried about too generic public access.

The WH3 aims to make its website and photos family friendly. This means PG people!  That being said, some image galleries may contain images that some may find offensive (which probably means the hash isn’t for you!) And we’re talking butt shots here, not real raunch!

Any person attending a hash runs the risk of your image appearing in one of these galleries.  That being said, if an individual REALLY doesn’t want their image to appear anywhere, at their request we will do our VERY best to ensure images with  your image DO NOT APPEAR.  Individuals who have requested that NO images of them appear on this website will be made known to contributors and I will attempt to ensure no private or public galleries contain your image.

This DOES NOT however mean that it is by any means a perfect system. It also does NOT mean that I will pick and choose through each event just because someone did something stupid at ONE event.  It’s all or nothing people!!  If you beg REALLY hard and buy your onsec LOADS of drinks, we MAY make some exceptions if  you’re REALLY sorry!  Just remember, we’re not Google. You could sue us, but at best you’ll get some stale wafers and the hashit.

The best suggestion:  scan the galleries yourself and make note of any images you may want removed (and it’s not gonna be cause your hair looks bad!) then make a begging pleading request to your on-sec for indiviual instances.

The main page contains a link to the public gallery which any person can access to view images of past hash events.  These images are PG.

In order to post images, you must be a registered user.  Individuals can register on the main picture page.  Once you have verified yourself you may upload pictures to galleries.  These galleries are labelled according to specific events or hash dates.  We do ask users to use discretion and reasonable judgement when posting images.

Now you’ve read our rambling disclaimer, click on the image to access the photo site.