History Of Hashing

What is Hashing??

Basically hashing is a form of non-competitive cross-country running with the main objective of working up a decent thirst. Great emphasis is placed on the social aspects – particularly the communal boozing session at the aprés-hash. It’s a fun activity and not be taken at all seriously.

Hare and Hounds as an adult sport began in the fall of 1867 with a group of London oarsmen who wanted to keep fit during the winter. Also called “Paper Chasing” or the “Paper Chase,” the game became very popular after its introduction on Wimbledon Common in 1868 by the Thames Hare and Hounds. Early clubs called themselves “Hare and Hounds” or simply “Harriers.”

We must go alllll the way back to 1938, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when a group of ex-patriates associated with the rubber plantations started a modified version of the British children’s game “paper chase”. The person setting the trail was called the “hare”, while the runners following the trail are named “hounds”. The object of the run is for the hare to get to the end of the trail without the hounds catching them.


Game of Hare and Hounds played in England in the 1870's.
Game of Hare and Hounds played in England in the 1870's.